Monday, October 23, 2006

First week of baby led weaning

Jenson is 6 months now, sitting unaided, teeth are cutting and he grabbed some banana off me the other day so we have started offering him some food to see what he does with it. We also weaned Dillon (now 4) the baby led way but he showed no interest until 8 months. As with all stages different children reach them at different times!
So far his favourite seems to be roast parsnips, the only one Jenson has cried for when he's dropped it.
I had totally forgotton the mess involved but memories of porridge encrusted wooden highchairs are coming back to me!

I thought I'd start a blog about it as to not clutter my normal nonsense blog with stories of steamed veg and squishing antics. Although to be honest there's not much too it really. Just a case of offering food (in suitably holdable sized chunks) when they seem ready (but not before 6 months) if they eat it, then let them get on with it. If they leave it, try again another day. Probably let you know they are ready by nicking something of your plate anyway!
I've known about this approach for about 4/5 years now so when I see young babies spoon fed puree it really does look so strange to me and gadgets like this seem just totally absurd!

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elisabetta said...

hi, I find this blog quite interesting since my baby is 5 months now and I am getting as much info as possible on baby-led weaning. there is not much out there and over here (Italy) I do not know anybody who has done it. I'm now reading you blog to understand more. I hope I can contact you with questions!