Tuesday, December 12, 2006

BLW in the media

Just came across this article in the Independent about BLW.

While I'm here I'll mention one of Jenson's favourite meals. After all doing baby led weaning makes meals a non event really. There's not much I can write about to be honest. I cook food, I offer it, he squishes, eats some, decorates his ears and feeds the cat hovering under the chair with the rest!
Anyway he is rather partial to lamb stew thing I make up as I go along. I'm not one for measuring.
I just get lamb I cut into holdable strips, brown it in olive oil with onions a bit of garlic. Then I grate whatever I have, swede, sweet potato, carrots or leeks. Anything really. Chuck it all in with some water and rosemary and simmer for ages.
It's perfect for when you have a little one with a fall asleep 5 minutes before dinner habit, you just cook it a bit longer!

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