Monday, June 18, 2007

BLW in the news

There's an article in the Telegraph today about BLW. The comment from the department of health somewhat confuses me though. Recent NHS publications actually seem in favour of finger foods from the beginning.

"From six months, you can start giving your baby finger foods - foods they can pick up and eat themselves. This encourages them to chew, and teaches them how to feed themselves. They're also quick and simple to prepare."Standing

This leaflet on weaning also says to "Allow your baby to feed themselves, using their fingers, as soon as they show an interest"

This quote from Professor David Candy from the BBC take on the story rather amused me. He said: "Some babies could manage this, but others may not have the oromotor skills necessary to chew the food - they would just push it out of their mouths."

Erm...yeah could it be the baby telling you they are not ready for solids yet perhaps? You don't got forcing a baby to walk before they are ready, the age at which babies do this varies but they all get there in the end. Same thing here. Don't force solids before they are ready. Perhaps the guy was caught off guard and hadn't really ever thought about it before, gastroenterologists I imagine are so used to seeing problems they forget what healthy babies are capable of I suppose.

As for Jenson, he's getting into his cutlery now. In fact he gives me a funny look if we sit down for dinner and haven't given him his knife and fork or at least a spoon.

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