Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Quinoa and bananitos

Wow does this boy love quinoa or what! He scoffs this stuff up. It's a great early food, no gluten and full of protein. It's also great if you don't have much time. Takes about 15 minutes to cook and I stick a sauce or veg with it.
I'm not one for bought baby food. There are just a few things I will buy though. Rice cakes, peter rabbit rice fusilli (as we are avoiding wheat/gluten) and plum baby purees. I tend to use the purees with something else when I'm being a bit lazy. The blueberry goes great with porridge and I use the spinach one on the rice pasta (as we are waiting before introducing tomatoes).
We had a little treat today and ventured out to Waitrose, a dangerous place a for a food lover like me. I was pleasantly surprised to find rice spaghetti and bought a few packs to keep us going. We also found bananitos. Tiny sweet bananas, perfect size for little hands to hold!

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